I am Philippe Piccardi, from Switzerland. In November 2021, I completed my PhD in Life Science at the University of Lausanne. Now I develop scientific content for institutions, companies and other collaborations.

Thanks to my parallel training as UI designer (Start2Impact), I create scientific content, such as articles, illustrations and explanatory videos for blog, websites and brochures. My goal is to help vulgarize and popularize science in exciting a innovative ways. 

My experience allowed me to work with professionals in the science domain: The University of Lausanne, University of Bern, NCCR microbiomes. In the meantime, I presented my work in front of different audiences, from kids ages 10-15, to students, scientists and the general public (Eprouvette, Ma Thèse en 180 seconds, Innosuisse Business Concept). 

Currently, I collaborate with the Institute of Research in Biomedicine (IRB), by creating scientific content for general public and scientists, updating the institute website, spreading content on social media, organizing conferences and much more!

As for my other interests, I compose music for focus and working.